Do an Exercise Improve My Run Times?

Do an Exercise Improve My Run Times

How an Exercise Can Add Some Bounce to Your Running ?


Do an Exercise Improve My Run Times

How Do Exercise Trampolines Differ from a Child’s Mini-Trampoline?

A child’s mini-trampoline is very lightweight and uses small springs that are not designed for an exercise class or workout program. A professional exercise trampoline will be much more sturdy and have large muscle shape springs that are designed to stand up to the rigors of an adult workout.

Why are they so Beneficial to Runners?

Runners place a lot of force and strain on the joints in their lower body. Without proper training, runners are much more susceptible to foot, ankle, and knee injuries. Regularly using an exercise trampoline will help you to not only develop joint strength but will also train the muscles that most impact balance and coordination in the lower body. Many of the exercises that are performed on a rebounder mimic running-specific movements, all while developing your cardiovascular performance. Perhaps most importantly, rebounding forces your abdominal muscles to engage due to the unstable surface of a trampoline. This action develops your core muscles which support the spine — helping you to stay upright with proper posture during your runs.

What Exercises Should a Runner Perform?

A variety of movements and exercises are perfect for mini-trampolines. Focus on movements such as squats, hops, bends, knee lifts, and jogging in place. These movements will help you to develop healthy muscle, flexibility, and balance throughout your lower body and core. If you are in the midst of rehabilitation mimic running-specific gait patterns to help maintain and rebuild your running form with low-impact movements.

Should I Use on My Off Days or Running Days?

The truth is an exercise trampoline can really be used however you want. Many use their trampolines before their run to warm up their muscles. You could also integrate these workouts on your off-days to help stimulate your deep core muscles while your body recovers from a run. You could also use your trampoline as a cooldown and recovery activity after a run.

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