Open Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar

Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Top Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Best Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Famous Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Anson Fitness

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Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Top Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Best Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Famous Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Srinagar, Anson Fitness

ANSON FITNESS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of OUTDOOR GYM EQUIPMENTS in Srinagar. These equipment’s are suitable in outdoor and help to maintain health and fitness in an easy way. ANSON FITNESS OPEN GYM and Fitness Equipments Company always delivers quality equipment, beyond high expectations, and provides best support and advice. India’s largest air garden gym equipments manufacturers.


If you want to feel like flowing in the air using outdoor gym equipment then you are at the right place.

Outdoor Fitness is a natural process of shaping up your body as per your desires by outdoor gym equipment. It’s not bound by any constraint, depends on your body stamina instead. The best part as far as outdoor fitness is concerned is that there are no geographical limitations whether you workout on hills, plain area’s outskirts, interior.

What if you get outdoor gym equipment to help you attain what you expected from your workout? Yes, you got that right. We deal in manufacturing such types of outdoor exercise machines that make your body feel fresh and energetic every morning or after every exercise session.

We are outdoor exercise machines manufacturers & dealer in all over India that can fulfill all your workout needs right here in your own city. You do not need to think about “Where to go for gym equipment shopping?” Whenever you are in need of any outdoor exercise machine, keep all your worries aside and give us the chance to fulfill all your expectations.

We not only sell imported products but believe in Made in Srinagar concept as well so we thought of manufacturing our own products under the brand name of ANSON FITNESS OUTDOOR EQUIPMENTS.

We do not concentrate on producing or manufacturing products only for the youngsters but for all age groups so that everyone in this country gains the fitness needed for his/her body and live longer.

We deal in outdoor gym manufacturing wherein you can order a machine and get it installed anywhere you want as per your comfort and convenience so that you can exercise daily without even thinking of going to the gym.

Try our outdoor fitness equipment and save your time and efforts, no hard investment but fruitful results. It’s economical as well as a very effective way of growing your immune system and defeating different diseases without even consulting a doctor.



We all know that doing exercise is good for our physical & mental health that helps us to live a healthy and happy life. Doing exercise on regular basis, you can boost your mood and can improve your lifestyle. It will help to boost level of your energy, level of your happiness, reduce the risk of heart disease, increase the strength and flexibility, increase self-confidence and improve memory. If you want to feel better, happy, more energetic, and want to add more years to your life … just do exercise. There are many studies found that peoples who exercised daily feel better with our open gym equipment, energetic and live a long life.


There are many places you can do exercise and physical activities (like – gym, office and outside) as per your convenience and availability of required facilities. Moreover, exercising outdoor gym equipment is just as active, can be more fun, and have some attractive advantages. If there is a beautiful day, just take advantages of the great opportunity to exercise outside and experience the most amazing benefits of exercising in the great outdoor fitness equipment. Numerous pieces of research show that outdoor activities are great for the mind. Exercising outdoor amongst trees and nature can help to boost your mood and help to reduce anxiety and stress.


Generally these days, outdoor gym equipment is becoming main theme for young people in this new era. These fitness machines can be shared and used by different people at the same time and because of this they can enjoy being active with friends, family members and loved ones. Nowadays public/private parks are installing outdoor exercise equipment to the benefits of locals who use it.


There are a large number of suppliers all over the globe who provide gym equipment keeping in mind the needs of an individual who likes to exercise. We at Anson Fitness are also involved in the process of providing a large range of Open Gym Equipment and Outdoor Fitness Equipment (mainly Open Gym Equipment or Outdoor Gym Equipment), Gym Accessories and much more since the last 40 years. We have 40 years’ experience of excellence in the same domain. All products offered by us are designed and developed under the supervision of experienced and highly skilled professionals. By using the latest technology available in the industry, we make our fitness products better than others that meet all international standards in terms of quality, design and safety. All our products are tested and certified and we are also offering customer support. We have already installed our equipment at a large number of Private Parks across Srinagar. Don’t think choose ANSON FITNESS OUTDOOR FITNESS EQUIPMENTS.

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